Effectiveness of Papaya Seeds on Human Intestinal Parasites

Papayas also known as Papaws are botanically a berry that grows in tropical climates. It is a sweet delicious fruit that is shaped like a big mango. A new trend on the social media platform Tik Tok of people eating Papaya seeds to get rid of intestinal parasites, has many wondering if this is an actual scientific fact and if it really works. So let’s take a look at the research and find out. 

Papaya Seed

Facts about Papaya Seeds:

  • Papaya seeds are effective in treating human intestinal parasites with little to no side effects
  • Papaya seeds contain a variety of essential nutrients. 
  • They contain a high amount of antioxidants including, polyphenols and flavonoids.
  • Papaya seeds contain a nice amount of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids including Oleic Acid. 
  • Papaya seeds have a good amount of Fiber. 
  • Research suggests that Papaya Seeds could preserve and protect the health and improve the functions of the Kidneys. 
  • Having so many antioxidants and nutrients, some studies suggest Papaya Seeds to have anticancer properties. 
  • The fiber in them can help with digestive issues. 

How to Use:

  • Cut Papaya lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Rinse well in a strainer then place on a paper towel on a plate, or baking sheet and let air dry a couple of days. You can throw them in a smoothie, or grind them up and add to your favorite dressing or sauce or just sprinkle on food. 


  • Some sources suggest that Papaya Seeds if consumed in high doses for long amounts of time, can cause fertility issues. But the side effects will clear up in a couple of months if you stop eating them. It is recommended that you do not eat them if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. There is still more research that needs to be done on that subject to determine the validity, but it is better to be safe than sorry. But if you are not trying to conceive, Papaya Seeds are a wonderfully nutritious, natural and safe food to consume. 


Papaya Seeds have a ton of great benefits including treating Intestinal Parasites. They have a ton of antioxidants and can help protect against cancer and improve kidney function. It is always best to take caution when consuming anything. When used moderately Papaya Seeds are a safe, natural food to eat. If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant it is best to just steer clear. 


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