Staying Active When You Can’t Leave Home

The gyms are closed during quarantine and you’re not able to follow your normal workout routine that keeps you feeling good and sane,  but that doesn’t mean you can’t work out at home and get your endorphins going. I learned a few years ago when I was struggling to find time to get to the gym that Youtube has an extensive collection of workout videos of all shapes and sizes. You can find as low as a 10 minute to an hour plus videos, and there is almost any style you can want from Yoga to HIIT workouts. That’s the best part you can never get bored and you’re mixing it up and working different muscles all the time so your body never gets to use to one specific workout causing you to plateau. You feel like you are always challenging yourself and learning something new and working a new muscle group. One of my favorite youtube channels is POPSUGAR Fitness. It has a great variety of workouts, and I always feel the benefits and the fitness host Anna Renderer is a great host and makes it very fun and upbeat. 


Whenever I feel like doing a workout I just go onto youtube and type in what type I’m looking for like 30 min workout or, legs and booty workout and chose which one looks the best. Daily workouts are so important for health and mental wellness especially when you’re stuck in the house and not getting much other physical activity. Working out releases so many endorphins that even a quick 30 min workout in the morning could change the way you feel all day to feel happier, healthier and less stressed. So grab your yoga mat and weights and sweat it out!


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